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Restorative Neurostimulation Therapy

A NEW restorative neurostimulation therapy for mechanical chronic low back pain may be right for you.

In most cases, low back pain starts as a simple strain or sprain injury in one of the spine joints. To avoid pain, the brain automatically tries to limit activation of muscles that stabilise the painful joint. If not resolved, this can evolve into a continuing cycle of pain, poor muscle activation and eventually muscle weakness.

Studies show that reactivation and restoration of these muscles is an important step in breaking the cycle of chronic low back pain and preventing future episodes. Stimulation of the muscles through a small implantable electronic device delivers a daily therapy that reactivates the key stabilising muscles of the lower back and, over time, reduces pain.

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What is chronic pain?

Sometimes identifying the cause of chronic pain can be difficult, with many potential contributing factors involved. Our experts can help.


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