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Treating Chronic Pain

Pain is a symptom of many disorders and the cause, and therefore appropriate treatment, cannot always be easily identified. Most commonly, it is a result of our body’s reaction to detecting tissue injury or disease.

In most instances where common aches and pain occurs, the pain intensity roughly matches the physical disorder. However, pain that should go away but doesn’t is a problem and can have significant impact on your everyday life. Chronic pain sometimes indicates there is a persistent tissue disorder, such as arthritis, and sometimes it results from a disorder in the pain alarm system itself.

No matter what the underlying cause of your pain, QPain specialists are able to tailor a personalised treatment plan to suit you. For some patients, this may require a multidisciplinary approach that includes physical and psychological therapy.

Physical Therapy

Chronic pain often leads to fear of movement and inactivity. This deconditioning sometimes requires a long period of time to reverse. Physical therapists that are experienced in the treatment of chronic pain are also able to teach you how the brain and central nervous system are involved in your pain. Physical therapy aims to help you live your life to your fullest potential and is an important part of any treatment plan.

Psychological Therapy

Psychologists help patients cope with the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that accompany chronic pain – addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of your pain. By developing a comprehensive understanding of your concerns, your psychologist will be equipped to help you to better manage your pain. Treatment plans are individualised and often involve relaxation techniques, coping skills and addressing any anxiety or depression that may accompany your pain, as well as helping to adjust how your brain processes pain sensations.

Why QPain?

QPain’s team of Medical Specialists use the latest therapies to manage pain – focusing on interventional technologies that are holistic and comprehensive. Actively involved in research and multi-centre clinical trials, we provide patients with access to the latest therapies before they are widely available.

Our healthcare team offers advanced treatments for many conditions, and most commonly treat sufferers of the following conditions:

Why suffer? Make an appointment to discuss a treatment plan tailored specifically for you.


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What is chronic pain?

Sometimes identifying the cause of chronic pain can be difficult, with many potential contributing factors involved. Our experts can help.


Advanced Pain Treatment



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