At QPain, we take an holistic approach to your pain management.

Pain Management Programs

Our pain management programs are designed to teach you strategies to actively manage your pain. We can recommend complementary therapies and management techniques to help you take control of your condition through a combination of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise, education sessions, psychological support and development of a personalised plan.

Apart from the physical effects of pain, long term pain also puts stress on the brain and can result in cognitive issues such as low mood, difficulty with memory or concentration. Maintaining physical, mental and social activity is important.

At QPain, we collaborate with different healthcare specialist providers – including highly qualified pain physicians, rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and specialised nurses – to ensure we deliver the best outcomes for patients.

Our patients vary in health, age and circumstances and often require a tailored approach to managing their pain to suit their individual goals. As part of our treatment, we may refer patients to specialist programs to provide them with further rehabilitation and pain management strategies. We monitor and adjust your treatment as required to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome.

Programs we refer patients to include:

LEAP into Life: small group day or inpatient program designed to help young people aged 14-21 years who live with persistent pain to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

Recharge for Life: designed for adults over the age of 21, teaches strategies for better managing pain through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise, education, psychological support and development of a personalised pain management plan.

To discuss suitability of these or other programs we may recommend as part of your pain management, please contact your QPain specialist.

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What is chronic pain?

Sometimes identifying the cause of chronic pain can be difficult, with many potential contributing factors involved. Our experts can help.


Advanced Pain Treatment



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“It’s vital to work with a physician who specialises in pain medicine to help identify the source of your pain and develop the best method of treatment.”

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